CRM for Construction Contractors

After years of struggling with CRM software that couldn’t meet the unique and precise demands of the construction industry, our team at FollowUp Power created cloud-based CRM software that will actually work for construction contractors. By streamlining your sales processes with our cloud-based software, FollowUp Power can help you understand the current and future state of your business and better manage your sales process so that you can capitalize on those opportunities that are best suited to your company.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"FollowUp Power’s system helps us stand out from the competition. Our revenues have gone up 40% within one year as we have become more structured and disciplined in our sales process with the help of this platform."

– Roofing Supplier, Craig Mitchell, Managing Partner, ABC Supply

"I tried looking into other tools and there isn’t anything on the market for sales like this one. FollowUp Power is very robust in its reporting. We like how you can track who’ve you’ve bid to on a project and manage those clients individually. It’s been a great software tool for us."

– Jaramie Stumpf, VP Operations, Miller Glass and Glazing

"Intuitive in that I am a construction professional using software that follows the same process I am used to in pursuing work. The support is tremendous, thorough and always easy to access."

– Electrical and Utility Contractor, Bernard Paul-Hus, President Hypower Electric

Features & Benefits of FollowUp Power

Multi-Bid Functionality For New Construction

Our CRM software allows specialty contractors to clear out their sales pipeline by organizing multiple bids around single projects so that you and your team can stay on top of the sale.

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Project-Based Sales & Progress Tracking

Gone are the days of wasting time and resources to track and manage your future projects; our CRM allows you to track all your bids at once and pushes important workflow steps to your calendar.

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Built by Contractors, For Contractors

We understand the unique demands and sales processes of the construction industry, and we have specifically designed our CRM to make your sales process and work flow as easy and streamlined as possible.

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Multi-Department Coordinated Workflow

Our cloud-based software makes your workflow accessible to each department that needs to be in the know so that they can coordinate their efforts in real-time and make the sale.

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Designed to Simplify The Process

Our construction CRM software will save you time and resources that could be better devoted to making more sales.

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Sales Force Coaching

We will ensure that you and your team have a complete understanding of our software and of our sales philosophy so that you can use FollowUp Power to its full potential.

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